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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Zed - Trouble In Eden

Righteous rock riffs, powerful grooves and a Sabbathian waltz, these are the things that make Zed great, with their distinctive crunch, tasteful moves and a shimmy and shake that will keep your heart pounding through the night. With Trouble In Eden Zed tap into old school rock and roll magic but infuse it with modern flair and give you something that is a blast to listen too, full of grit and otherworldly magic, but also earthy enough that you are going to want to come back to it time and time again. 

Everything about this band is extremely well put together. The guitar tone is top notch, the vocals perfectly executed and the rhythm sections high powered, but just laid back enough that you never could see this record leading to a freakout. Trouble In Eden is good times music, giving you a chance to chill out with epic anthems that deal with dramatic themes and a band who understand this bombast. Even when they chill out and go into stoner rock derived parts they have drive, creating contrast, rather than masturbation. Zed have found the problems with stoner rock paradigms and allowed the genre to evolve. 

Zed get what hard rock should be about in 2016. They are unpretentious, powerful and simply in love with the magic of this type of music. This is a band who fill out their sound with the same sort of passion and fiery magic that fueled so many of those bands in the seventies. They burn forward, every moment is exciting, filled with tasty guitar licks and solid songwriting. Trouble In Eden is a tasteful listen from first to last - a record that starts off as a slow burn but then helps you dig into greater things to come.

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