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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Infernal Diatribe - Videha Mukti

Videha Mukti (Occult Black Metal) cover art

Poor drum tone, subpar mixing, and the ferocity of a thousand monsoons - such is the formula for some of the greatest Indian occult black metal. Videha Mukti is the latest and greatest of this  school. It takes the raw and twisted magic of the genre and distills it into four fucked up tracks. This is music that doesn't necessarily expand what the genre can be but it shows us that black metal is still exciting and prone to moments of true depravity. Infernal Diatribe understand the power behind their music and harness it to its fullest extent.

Of course - having the dungeon level production that it does Videha Mukti runs into some natural limitations. It's pretty clear to see that the band might be better served with tighter instrumental sounds and more polish. That being said - in many ways the subpar production is part of the appeal. It's almost as if the band has added another instrument and showed us the blazing might of what they do can be distilled into its purest form with the fortunate nihilism inherent to this type of music. Videha Mukti scratches an itch for twisted black metal and it does it well - playing to its strengths and using the weaknesses to its advantage.

There is a lot to dig here if you're into this very niche and specific side of the black metal spectrum. While Videha Mukti certainly isn't for all fans of black metal - those who are truly in love with the genre will be sure to fall in love. Infernal Diatribe perfectly understand what their niche of black metal fans want, blazing riffs, a few harsh solos and tight frostbitten riffs that last through the ages. At the end of the day none of their limitations matter because god damn - this is some enjoyable stuff! 

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