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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Sisters Of Suffocation - Brutal Queen

Holy shit this is some vicious death metal. I'd never heard of Sisters Of Suffocation before today but I'm sure glad that I have checked them out. This all-female death metal band is over the top and twisted, cracking skulls you didn't even know where there.  The EP is an oft misused format to the point that it makes a lot of people distrust it. This shouldn't be the case though. Brutal Queen is perfect evidence for that - death metal that works well in a short format, and then doesn't last a minute longer than it has too.

There is a sense of urgency behind the music of Sisters Of Suffocation that makes it strangely addictive. These songs stampede forward, trampling posers in their wake and reminding you o the enduring power that this sort of music should have. The demented screams that ring out on songs like Tales Of A Martyr are perfectly executed and hint at so much more to come. Meanwhile, these gals can write a breakdown like no other, when they want to get heavy you feel the crushing assault in your bones. This balance and overarching power behind the songwriting starts to suggest that there may be a lot more than meets the eye with Brutal Queen. 

Most death metal these days is pretty boring to me since most of it revolves around the same handful of tropes and is frankly a little bit frustrating. Sisters Of Suffocation aren't necessarily doing anything revolutionary, but they are executing brilliantly and they are coming out of the gate with an assault that will leave you gasping for air. This is exactly what death metal should sound like and Brutal Queen is a fitting testament to all the band has accomplished. It's rare that I say this - but I'm excited to check out more from this band!

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