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Friday, August 5, 2016

Kanzler & Sohne: Durch Die Wande

So I guess rap metal is a thing again? Thee was always a distinction for me between rap metal and nu metal, and though Kanzler & Sohne certainly borrow from both, I feel like Durch Die Wande definitely falls more within the rap metal polemic. Rage Against The Machine is clearly really important to these dudes, but so is Limp Bizkit, and here and there you will hear a touch of Korn. Just because this music isn't for me doesn't mean that it's bad. Rather it just shows us that we are witnessing an interesting cultural phenomenon and Napalm Records is helping this band use that to their advantage.

There is something vaguely (And wonderfully) militaristic about Durch Die Wande. It's a record that uses the German language to its fullest extent in order to get music that is punishing and angular. The bouncy riffs flow nicely into each other and have an exciting sense of rock and roll magic driving them forward. The drive of Durch Die Wande is impressive to say the least, and the pummeling, balls to the wall assault of some of these songs is hard to deny. Sure it may not be metal in the 'trve' sense, but I get the impression that Kanzler & Sohne don't care about that. They just want to turn it up and have a good time.

Durch Die Wande is an interesting cultural statement and one that I think will be examined closely in years to come. It's a record that expands on the German metal sound and rather than adhering to tradition like so many of their peers, Kanlzer & Sohne put up a hearty middle finger to the world. There is something strangely addictive about what they are doing here, and though at times it might feel douchey, over the top or just plain wrong at least they are producing something, what the fuck have you done?

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