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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Skeletonwitch - The Apothic Gloom

Everyone who is anyone in metal these days knows that Skeletonwitch rip. Their blackened extreme metal sound has always been a blast to listen to, and The Apothic Gloom is just the latest in a litany of triumphant releases. Starting off with brash and beautiful guitarmonies and evolving into five track of Skeletonwitch being Skeletonwitch it's hard for the thrash or death metal fan not to love what the band have done here. Very much the Great American Metal band The Apothic Gloom sees the band tearing it up all over again.

What I've always loved about Skeletonwitch is how concisely and powerfully they manage to distill 'Metal' and with their new vocalist Adam Clemans it seems obvious that the band are ready to put out some of their best material yet. While this record certainly feels a bit more melodic than Skeletonwitch's previous output you still get all of the same vicious energy and burning magic that you heard on the bands seminal records. The touch of swagger that you hear on The Apothic Gloom is well merited too - this band has been through a whole hell of a lot but have managed to come out on top yet again.

With a band whose songwriting and who blast forward with a ferocity that is almost unmatched in their scene there is something for every metal fan here. This is a band who I am genuinely convinced will go down in the annals of heavy metal history as one of the greats. They attack the music with a passion that is wholly their own and the burning fire in their hearts is going to keep me coming back. If you can't jive with the madness on The Apothic Gloom then you might very well not be a metalhead.

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