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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Monkey3 - Astra Symmetry

Napalm Records has been putting out some pretty interesting stuff lately, and Astra Symmetry, as Hawkwind obsessed as it is makes for some of the most fascinating work on the Napalm roster. This is an album that is chilled out, weird and has endless replay value. There are a lot of weird layers to Astra Symmetry, and though it is a super chilled out record it's also one that you can smoke a jay too, chill out with and then fall in love with time and time again. Astra Symmetry is more than just a weird psychedelic album - it is a weird psychedelic statement.

Exploring the soundworld of Astra Symmetry is intriguing to say the least. The band borrows heavily from all sorts of world music when generating their wonderfully unique sound and there are a lot of interesting nooks and crannies to explore. These guys are clearly incredibly talented musicians and their passion for the work - with all of its inherent bizarre majesty is the sort of thing that keeps me coming back again and again, and which will quite possibly leave me utterly obsessed - unable to escape the majesty of what has been created here - that is to say, a masterful release that can't help but to inspire.

Astra Symmetry is a weird one but one that encourages repeat listens and wants you to really become one with the music. It's the kind of thing that is probably  little bit too out there to tackle sober - but if you do you will find all sorts of exciting things hat inebriation wouldn't let you find. Astra Symmetry often has me wondering - "Is this even music?" but I get the impression that Monkey3 don't care. They aren't outright trying to be alienating - but normal dudes and dudettes probably aren't going to fall in love with this anytime soon.

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