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Saturday, August 20, 2016


There are great statements in rock and roll and there are great statements in rock and roll if you know what I mean. Coming up from the gutters of Brooklyn, TOWER's self titled debut is one of these statements. As a matter of fact I might even go so far as to say it is one of the greatest rock and roll statements of the decade. This is an album that I almost hesitated to review because it is so goddamn good. TOWER truly understand the spirit of the genre and deservedly have the whole world at their fingertips.

See – TOWER aren't just bombastic, they are raw and vicious. They take things we love about rock and roll and turn them up to eleven. They have huge choruses, gnarly tone and riffs upon riffs upon riffs. Toss in a vicious freewheeling solo here and there and you start to see the greatness of this band. They take the garage punk of Iggy Pop and infuse it with Led Zeppelins majesty and more than a little of Sabbath's crunch. And yet, they don't really sound like any of those bands. Rather they have created their own void – a sound that is overwhelming and beautiful, the sort of rock and roll that leaves you with a smile on your face and your fist in the air.

With every passing moment this record makes me smile a little broader. They have kickass guitar harmonies and flashy solos to contrast punk rock screams which in turn contrast some of the more virtuosic singing on the record. Simply put – TOWER kick ass up and down this albums eight tracks and have something that you want to spin again and again because, well, TOWER are the best. They are taking a genre t its logical extreme and profiting from it. This band may very well be the shot in the arm rock and roll has needed.  

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