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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Oozing Wound - Whatever Forever

Whatever Forever cover art

Oozing Wound is a helluva name for a thrash metal band if you ask me, and if you take on a name like that you need to be aware that there is a great responsibility behind it. You need to deliver some of the sickest thrash riffs and most demented lyrics out there in order to live up to the glory of that sort of name. You need to be willing to go out and fucking crack some skull if you want to use a name like that. Fortunately – this is exactly what Oozing Wound do and it shows us that thrash still has a potent place in the world.

I think that a huge part of what I like about Whatever Forever is that even though it is essentially a thrash metal record, Oozing Wound have no trouble bringing in elements of other genres for example the rather black metalish bridge of Everything Sucks And My Life Is A Lie provides a nice relief from more straight up thrashers. Also I think we need to give kudos to the song names, asides from Everything Sucks And My Life Is A Lie, Whatever Forever features track names like, “You Owe Me Iommi,” and “Mercury In Retrograde Virus” so if nothing else – Oozing Wound understand how silly thrash metal is.

So yeah – in a world where many say that thrash metal is played out Oozing Wound have been able to create a thrash album that entices and excites. It's an album that makes me curious for the future of the genre and shows us a band who have an incredibly open sonic palate. Whatever Forever is a much more interesting listen than the context around it might suggest and it means that I have been won over by this bands perverse charm. Oozing Wound may not be what you expect – but by Thor do they kick some serious ass! 

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