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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Nearly New Millenium Diary Of Cleo Howard - Sarah Tipper

I love how Sarah Tipper keeps cranking out new awesome texts for her Eviscerated Panda series. The books are always fun reads, lighthearted and a little bit silly. Beyond that - watching her writing evolve has been a lot of fun. This work in particular really touched me and proved that despite her rapidly fading flaws, Sarah Ginger Tipper is an author I regularly read for a reason. Her work is able to tap into the weird magic of heavy metal and overcome natural limitations in order to make me fall in love all over again.

The thing that gets me about The Nearly New Millenium Diary Of Cleo Howard is how accurately it summed up the internal suffering I felt in high school. I think it's the sort of thing that maybe you can only understand if you went to high school in Europe - but there is something very nostalgic about her writing. While some of the nostalgia I am simply too young and not British enough to get the passion for the time is still there. It's shows us a world that Tipper is obviously much more comfortable in, but as I dig deeper I find that I too am more comfortable in Sarah Tipper's world of high school drama and heavy metal fun. 

So yeah - there are parts of The Nearly New Millenium Diary Of Cleo Howard that I find frustrating, the lack of dialogue for example can be a bit annoying. That's an issue Tipper learns to overcome though, and Cleo's distinct sense of humor leaves you charmed. Watching Cleo grow through Tippers writing is a pleasure and shows me that this series still has a lot of fuel left in it. I'm just curious as to how things are going to evolve from here on out, especially as Sarah Tipper becomes a stronger and more emotionally driving author.

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