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Monday, August 15, 2016

Pallbearer and Baroness at Webster Hall

Rock and roll is the devils music. I'm not sure what that makes doom metal, but it fucking rules. Pallbearer were on point last night, as were the headliners in Baroness. There is something consistently encouraging about these bands and fining the peace that these bands provide has been a strangely reassuring experience. Even in the darkest days and weirdest moments, we sit here with doom metal to encourage us and remind us that this I the sort of music that brings absolution to so many tired and confused people.

I've seen Pallbearer a bunch of times. Like... a whole bunch of times. I've hung out with them pretty consistently over the last few years and watching them grow as a live band has been a true honor. This is the sort of band who we all know are going to change the world. Their set was overwhelming, potent and even their longest tenured fans freaked out over the overwhelming power that this band has for so long been able to cultivate. Pallbearer are transcendent live, and their new material, or at least the one song they played hints at a bold new future for one of metals most promising bands. These guys will capture your heart if only you will open your heart to it.

Up next were Baroness. I'd never seen them before but I knew what to expect. This was in fact their biggest headlining gig ever and it was beautiful to see a band who had been though so much do so well. Baroness is triumphant, they reign proudly above their peers. Sue their music isn't always for me, but the are one of very few truly authentic arena rock bands. Almost none of their peers have the legitimacy they do and literally none have the tragic backstory. Baroness deliver passionately and perfectly last night. Every chorus hit, every riff captured the imagination and the worlds imagination was captured yet again.

So the evening came to a close. Sure there was only two bands but they were two of the best bands in the world. The night descended into networking - I met Metallica's manager, I hugged Megadeth's booking agent. It was amazing how many important people turned up for these bands -but then again when you consider how much talent was on the lineup it makes sense. I headed out to Saint Vitus Bar with Pallbearer for drinks upon drinks and I realized that this is what rock and roll was always meant to be. 

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