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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Truckfighters - V

Truckfighters have been one of my favorite bands on the scene for a while - and now they are sitting with their fifth album in ten years. Not a lot of bands get this far, but somehow Truckfighters have pulled it off - and expanded their sound too. This latest offering is almost epic in scale. The band have retained their core sound, but things here feel a lot more spacey. The bands garage rock roots are fading away and instead we are left with a massive sound that explores chilled out vibes for what feels like hours on end.

V gets me because unlike so much stoner rock it is not about the power of the riff, even though this is a band that has riffs upon riffs. Rather on this album Truckfighters choose to focus more strongly on the overall vibe of the music. They look at the beating heart of the genre and give us a chance to revel in some wonderfully bleak and chilled out soundworlds. Demonstrating a more evolved understanding of what stoner rock can be, V is a step forward for the genre as a whole - and given all that it represents it seems very appropriate that it be Truckfighters who guide us forward.

This album is a powerful and cohesive statement. It's an alum that is exciting, vicious and hinting at greater things to come. It pushes past limitations that so many of the bands peers get stuck on. Instead, Truckfighters develop on old ideas and take them to a brave new world. There is something endlessly exciting to me about what the band are doing here. In a genre that many of us have labeled as played out or derivative, Truckfighters give a hearty middle finger to the world and show that this can be so much more!

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