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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Delain - Moonbathers

Delain are one of those bands who seem immortal. The have been going for a solid decade now and they have just put out their fifth full length. They've always had a trademark sound, but the sonic expansion that they have seem over their career has been, if not revolutionary, at least notable, and the music on Moonbathers shows them at their best. Symphonic metal is something that is easy to get really far into whilst simultaneously being comprehensible on the first listen and Moonbathers is proof that this process can be an extremely rewarding one.

Moonbathers is the sort of album that acts as a sort of tour de force for the veteran group. This is a band who have done a lot over their careers and the songs here sort of represent all that they habe accomplished up until this point. I particularly like their track Suckerpunch which has  sort of early 2000s power pop vibe and taps into my inner 13 year old. All that being said - as an overarching statement, Moonbathers is strong. There's a lot of exciting stuff to delve into here, and the arrangements are better than ever. Delain understand the bombast at the core of their sound and are building onto a greater whole.

I can't help but to love music like this. Music that has a rich understanding of self and hints at greater things to come. Moonbathers captures all that I've loved over the years about this band but also hints at greater things to come. A track like The Glory And The Scum perfectly exemplifies this. The music is rich and powerful, hinting at an inner darkness but also showing us that Delain are far from over. So come on in, enjoy the triumphant and soaring melodies and revel in the apocalyptic beauty that makes this band great.

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