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Friday, September 9, 2016

Brain Tentacles - S/T

Man, Brain Tentacles are one of the weirdest bands I've ever reviewed on this site, and what a lineup they've got too, featuring members of Municipal Waste and Yakuza this super experimental progressive and endlessly bizarre band has me scraping my jaw off the floor with their ability to travel across genres and create some wonderfully ugly music. Brain Tentacles is the sort of uber dense metal record that takes a while to pick apart - but once you do it's almost always going to be worth it.

Asides from the unusual song structures that defines the band, Bruce Lamont's distinctive horns add a wonderful layer of magic. The dreamy reveries showcased on songs like Cosmic Warriors Girth Curse suggests to me that Brain Tentacles aren't just prog metal for a new age, but almost an extension on Hawkwind. This is a band who understand the sonic potential of metal and exploit every nook and cranny of the genre. Brain Tentacles aren't an easy to band to get into but once you fall in love it's almost impossible to dig your way out of their creations and disavow their inherent screwed up majesty.

Brain Tentacles is more about the vibe than the music itself, oftentimes because I'm not entirely sure if Brain Tentacles is music. What I can say though is that they are a lot of fun to listen too and take you on a cosmic journey - a journey where wrong is right and vice versa and where the rules of music break down. Everything shatters under this bands demented and bizarre aura. Brain Tentacles have the potential to be one of he great space rock bands of their generation, I'm just curious to see them evolve.

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