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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Khemmis - Hunted

I can't say for certain that Khemmis are this years Pallbearer, but it certainly feels that way. But with the stunning execution of their latest offering, the one offs they are being booked for in New York and Chicago, and the release on a hip small label (20 Buck Spin) it certainly seems to me that Khemmis are on track to match the Little Rock doom titans. Of course - Khemmis are very much their own beast - as they prove time and time again on the absolutely mammoth masterpiece that is Hunted.

I think what gets me about Khemmis is the way that their sound reflects both a huge diversity but also a stunning sense of melody. They traverse all manner of soundscapes on Hunted from stunning clean vocals with potent, Sabbathian riffs to moments of punishing death doom that wouldn't seem out of place on an Asphyx record. The way that they navigate these worlds of sound is perfectly executed, nothing feels chopped up or out of place. Instead Khemmis have constructed an album that flows from start to finish and forces you to keep listening, because when the music is this good, why would you ever want to stop.

It's rare that I find a record that I have to prevent myself from listening too because it is simply that much better than everything else out there but that is how I feel about this new Khemmis release. This album is immaculately put together, the production is inviting and the sounds are phenomenal. When I listen to Hunted something inside me feels alive, as if I have unpacked a whole new side of the human condition. If this is how the band is going to burst onto the scene and the bar they are going to set, I can't imagine what their third record will sound like.

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