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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bong Mountain - You're Doing Great (For The Record)

Y'all already know that I love pop punk that doesn't take itself to seriously and realizes how silly the genre can be.That's why I'm desperately in love with Bong Mountain. They are a band who capture the silly and stupid magic of middle America in their potent tracks that cultivate the same sense of silliness that drew so many of us to bands like Bowling For Soup in the first place It's refreshing in a world of doom metal and blackened hellscapes to listen to a band who sound like Real Friends and Modern Baseball. A band who understand that their is a very real drama to day to day life and that we need to appreciate that.

Bong Mountain use You're Doing Great (For The Record) as a way to show us that the human condition is ever evolving and always beautiful. It gives us a glimpse into the magic of a music meant for kids in basements who never really had anyone who believed in them. It reminds us that even though a lot of people cast this type of music to the side there is some stellar songwriting here and to ignore that would be remiss. Beyond that - despite how relatively ambitious this record is I admire its sense of humor. Bong Mountain get why music isn't the be all end all, but simultaneously pour their souls into it.

I can't help but keep spinning You're Doing Great (For The Record) it's exactly the sort of pop punk that makes me such a slave to the genre. It's dorky and silly, but it KNOWS that it's dorky and silly and that's exactly what makes it such a rewarding listen. So come over and get lost in the madness of Bong Mountain. They aren't going to pressure you to do anything you don't want to do, but they will smoke you out and remind you that life isn't as insane as so many of us try and make it. After all, you're doing great.

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