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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Trenchgrinder, Gas Chamber and Full Of Hell/The Body at Market Hotel

Market Hotel is one of the most exciting DIY venues in Brooklyn. With a cheap bar, a great spot and some killer sound this is the sort of venue that scenes are built around. when it's packed it's hard not to fel like you are a part of something greater. It gives you  window into a better tomorrow and hints at what we could build up today. When you have three grind bands as solid as the ones who performed the other night it's hard to deny yourself of the endless magic that this sort of music has always been meant to have.

The first band I saw was Trenchgrinder, a band who not only reflect the internal magic of punk rock but who take the old school Brooklyn ethos and are able to evolve it into something greater. This is the sort of band who bring all the stage presence and performance that grind was meant to have but also have the musical chops to match it. I can't help but to worry since the band has a guitarist moving away in December but I get the impression that Trenchgrinder are going to keep building up beyond this. Crusty and vicious, this is the sort of thing that draws me back into the underground time and time again. Trenchgrinder understand the magic of underground music.

Gas Chamber utterly decimated me with their own powerful two frontman brand of hardcore. Hardcore is a genre that has often been criticized of falling into stagnation, but Gas Chamber manage to capture why we love it. They have the same vicious and face melting triumph that makes folks like me keep coming back. There's a reason Cvlt Nation called them one of the most unique hardcore bands out there, they have distilled the inherent triumph of the genre and go past a lot of the boring bullshit. They are intense and demented, suffering the same torment that has made the genres best... well... the best.

Of course the highlight of the night was the Full Of Hell and The Body collaboration. Most folks could hardly believe this was happening and I was certainly among them. They unleashed forty minutes of the most devastating music I have ever heard. They are endlessly brutal, triumphant in their unholy rites and forcing your entire world apart. They are creating some of the most intense and memorable music that you will ever hear and picking apart their endless madness is the work of a lifetime. The knowledge that they are planning on continuing this project just has me losing my shit over what could come from this.

So the night came to an end. I had seen some of the worlds most stunning hardcore, music that destroys expectations and shows us that there is so much more we can do with this art. Rather than retracting into the boredom that makes us all so tired and frustrated with this music we instead had a chance to go in and dissect what music even is. It's nights like this that makes all of the stress worth it.

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