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Monday, September 12, 2016

Noctem - Haeresis

Noctem is the kind of band who show the incredible depth and magic of the Prosthetic roster. They are the sort of fierce uncompromising death metal that drew so many of us into the genre in the first place. Their latest statement, Haeresis is a triumph - an album that takes modern death metal tropes to their logical extreme and infuses a healthy dose of black metal too. Noctem perfectly understand the extreme metal polemic and their music is over the top, potent, and endlessly bombastic - hinting at so much more greatness to come.

I think what I love about Haeresis is that it shows us a window into what the future of extreme music could be. This is an album that is so immaculately put together and which has the potential to stand the test of time incredibly well. The way that these dudes orchestrate their compositions is stunning. It shows the same sort of arrangements that make a band like Behemoth so good. Haeresis is an all encompassing sonic experience that is going to keep attracting you and make you curious to keep pulling this record apart. While yes there are times that don't quite live up to the rest of the album as a general rule this is one of the best composed records I have heard in a good long while.

You can get lost in this record. It has endless tasty twists and turns and suggests all sorts of exciting new frontiers. It has the same sort of overarching vision that makes some of our favorite metal albums so important to the genre. While Haeresis don't quite capture my heart like that I think it's more a question of when, then wondering if they have the potential. Noctem are building towards something greater with every passing song on this record and eventually they will just up and explode.

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