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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Darklands, Aneurysm, Tournament & Tower at Shea Stadium

Another night, another show, Bushwick is one of my favorite places to see a show - especially in that neighborhood around the old Acheron, that walk home certainly invokes the memories. As is - Shea Stadium is a very exciting little venue tucked away in one of the countless warehouse spaces that defines that area. So when you get the opportunity to attend the record release parties of two solid bands in one night, Tournament and the almighty Tower you start to see that you are on track for rock and roll salvation. 

Darklands where up first playing a wonderfully suburban brand of pop punk, unafraid to dip into vats of noise and worship the old masters. This is the kind of pop punk that captures the original spirit of the genre, it may not be quite as pissed off as some of their predecessors but that's okay. Instead we get music tailor made for VFW's and back rooms in alternative coffee shops. It certainly tapped into a bit of nostalgia in me. Though they didn't play for long it was hard not to vibe out to what they had done here and made me want to dive back into those old bands, to spin that Menzingers vinyl and look back on our collective youth. 

I was pleasantly surprised by Aneurysm who sound like what would happen if Clutch had debuted on Subpop in 1990 and wanted to be a hardcore band. What I'm trying to say is that Aneurysm exist at a perfect crossroads of rock and roll, hardcore and old school grunge. It's groovy and powerful but also vicious enough to keep you on edge. Aneurysm comprehend the burning magic of rock and roll in all of its formations and grow it in their own, very special and powerful way. This is a band who are riding a powerful wave of rock and roll and seem to be hinting at far better things to come in the very near future. 

The first highlight of the night was Tournament - though I'd never seen them before I was certainly impressed by their latest release Teenage Creature. They deliver some powerful and wonderfully dirty brand of rock and roll that can't help but to resonate. There is a very human pulse to Tournament's music and the deeper you delve into what they have refined the harder it is to turn away from their waves of sound. They draw you in and refuse to let you out of the otherworldly coffin they create. This is cleansing and pure rock and roll at its finest - destined to keep you on the edge of your seat and in love. 

Of course the true triumph of the soiree was Tower, the band who I am quite convinced were sent from the heavens to save rock and roll. This is a band who have the stage presence, the songwriting chops and the sheer manic energy to make the entire genre seem worth it again. In a world where rock and roll often seems flaccid and boring Tower come screaming out with wicked guitar solos, a vicious frontwoman whose voice fucking sparkles and a rhythm section that pushes harder than you thought possible. This is a band who invoke the true spirit of rock and roll, and if they sold their souls for rock and roll I wouldn't be surprised. People go apeshit over Tower and they might be the band to take this entire degenerate scene to a whole new level.

As I walked home I kept repeating to my roommate, "Holy fuck, wasn't Tower amazing?" jumping up and down, unable to contain my excitement. They are the most potent live band I have seen in years and overshadowed everyone else to grace the stage - despite very capable performances on all fronts. Shea Stadium was the perfect venue for this shindig, not only did it remind me of the first time I saw Tower at the Acheron, it also came apart at the seams, showing us that this Brooklyn scene will last for now and forever. 

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