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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Sanhedrin, Cauldron and Satan at Webster Hall

Man - your first show back after tour is always a weird experience, especially when you have a lineup as stacked as this one with a killer local, one of your favorite bands who grind away on the road and old school legends. Add in a venue as great as Webster Hall a venue that is both legendary and excellent. It's the kind of place that makes live music work, everything about the venue is ideal for heavy music, especially the Marlin Room which provides couches, great views and top notch sound. This was a fitting return to New York City's triumphant scene.

Sanhedrin are a really exciting Brooklyn based act who find a weird, but surprisingly good balance between space rock and speed metal. There sense of dark and light, while still being polished, is really solid. They have a sort of authoritative rock and roll swagger that hints at great things to come. Yeah they were a bit limited with a limited set in an early time slot, but it doesn't take from the fact that Sanhedrin truly understand the power of rock and roll. This is a band who are going to go for the throat and remind you time and time again that this is exactly what the Brooklyn scene so often needs, a dose of reality.

I've loved Cauldron for years now, and I was thrilled to see that they would be playing some deep cuts - a special treat from a band who thrive on them. Asides from their stunning set closer of "Chained Up In Chains" Cauldron leapt from peak to peak, showcasing all different sides of their discography and playing a handful of songs that I never expected to see them play live. Perhaps best of all, guitarist Ian Chains seems to have largely recovered from the terrifying car accident that the band survived earlier this year. Cauldron prove that the power of rock and roll is infinite and we will always fight on.

I'm not as familiar with Satan's work as I maybe should be, but it's always fun to watch these old NWOBHM bands tear it up, especially when they get to play in front of a crowd of adoring fans. Watching Satan play, a band who has been through so much and around for so long it's obvious that these guys are something special. As they perform you see the years come away and despite the shoddy sound (Or perhaps because of it) you start to feel like you are in a dingy English pub in the early 80s. Last night in New York City Satan captured the music of a movement and it was triumphant.

And so the evening came to a close. I had a cold and had to make my way through that cold unforgiving New York City night back to the gentle streets of a Brooklyn ghetto. Sanhedrin, Cauldron and Satan all hint at an older era of bands - one that many people say is gone, but I disagree. I still think there is hope for rock and roll and we need folks like these to help move it forward. Embrace the darkness, observe the fucked up majesty, and bury yourself in the combined discography of bands who truly 'get it'.

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