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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Obituary - Ten Thousand Ways To Die

Obituary are the one and only - the masters who crafted death metal from a flickering furnace and still unleash some of the most ferocious music you will ever hear. Ten Thousand Ways To Die is a nifty release, it showcases all sides of obituary, with two new singles followed up by twelve live classics. It's a look at the future of the band accentuated by taking a moment to look back at the past. Obituary are legends for a reason, and the onslaught that these Tampa Bay pioneers deliver simply never gets old.

The two new songs themselves, Loathe and Ten Thousand Ways To Die are solid Obituary fare. They play off the traditional polemic of the band and have that same brutal and grinding sense of chaos behind them. There is something strangely refreshing about hearing new Obituary in 2016 and it burns its way into your brain. That being said, hearing live tracks from their 2015 tour is a surprisingly fun treat. It reflects the graphic magic that has made this band a favorite for so long. The bloodthirsty joy with which the band assaults their fans is palatable. Ten Thousand Ways To Die proves that Obituary are still gods among men.

This is all you could want from Obituary, new music, groovy riffs, sickening art and punishing growls. The band has distilled their very essence into this record and it's impossible to turn away. Ten Thousand Ways To Die cracks skulls from back to front. Sure there may have been many waves of death metal between now and the bands classic period but that doesn't take away from what Obituary have always done - pulverized their fans. This is an album you can jam again and again, because above all else, Obituary understand death metal.

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