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Monday, October 31, 2016

Hierophant - Mass Grave

Hierophant are one of those bands who have always understood the power of the underground. They are the sort of band who not only rock and roll, but also incinerate their victims. It's rare to find a death metal band who so perfectly capture the polemic and also force you to suffer so bleakly. Their latest offering Mass Grave features some wonderfully sick art and shows all that these Ravennan masters can offer. Their trademark crunch is delicious and drives forward with the same sort of bitterness that has always defined this music.

Mass Grave has the sort of massive wall of sound that this kind of death metal needs to properly perpetuate itself across the ear. The crushing stomp of a song like Sentenced To Death is undeniable, and the bands tendency for shorter songs (Except of course for the closer, the epic Eternal Void) helps to keep Mass Grave fresh throughout. It's easy to get lost in the bands infectious grooves, there is something vaguely hypnotic about the suffocating might of a song like Sentenced To Death. Not only does it showcase the bands songwriting process but also their potential to move forward through the ages.

There is something for every fan of underground music on Mass Grave. If you appreciate the more intellectual stuff you have some eerie atmospherics and obviously the top notch, and very full sounding production. If you just want to get your throat ripped out and destroy some guy in the pit then you only need to listen to Trauma to realize that these guys understand the fundamental power of the genre. Hierophant is the sort of band who could unite the world of death metal and choke us out, one downtuned power chord at a time.

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