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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Ash Borer - The Irrepassable Gate

Ash Borer are... something else, I'll give you that much. They are one of America's most important and most exciting black metal bands. They are a group who seem to transcend the rules and who understand the sheer magic of the genre. They are a band who fuse inhuman growls with powerful ideas, crafting grandiose images and music that leaps from peak to peak. It's not exactly light listening but it's the sort of thing that I find myself getting lost in for hours upon hours on end. Ash Borer is black metal for the modern man. 

Despite how modern they might sound though, there is still something almost antediluvian about this band. The way hat the arpeggios fall voer massiive sounding chords on tracks like Lacerated Spirit adds an almost doomy sentiment to the perpetual forward motion of The Irrepassable Gate. It takes you on a journey through the bands vast cosmos and hints at so much more to come. It shows us that time and time again there are exciting turns to take and brave new worlds to examine if we are only willing to go behind the red mirror. 

The wealth of emotion and the ebb and flow of The Irrepassable Gate is mesmerizing to say the least. It takes you on a journey of a sort that few of us would ever dare head out on. It shows us a world that is rich in sounds and emotions and which you need to spend a lot of time in to properly understand. Ash Borer certainly isn't your entry level black metal band, but it is a black metal band who will help you see the next step, walk an exciting path and discover a world far beyond that which their predecessors ever thought possible.

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