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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sepulchral Curse - At The Onset Of Extinction

Sepulchral Curse is one of those death metal bands who seem to understand, and be truly in love with the dungeon side of the genre. Their latest offering At The Onset Of Extinction while often sitting on the cutting edge of underground death metal revels in basement productions and hints at black metal madness in order to create a sonic experience that borders on terrifying. This is the sort of band who embrace the inner evil and drive forth with a demented rage that makes even the gods want to turn away in disgust.

There is a lot to love in the grinding madness of these songs, in some ways it reminds me of underground darlings Torture Rack and Vermin Womb. While Sepulchral Curse may not be quite as developed as those bands the base concept is definitely there. At The Onset Of Extinction grinds away at the bone, forcing you to embrace fucked up realities and making you grind and bear it. Sepulchral Curse understand the forward motion that makes this kind of music work and have me utterly, and strangely entranced. It's hard to turn away as you watch the end of all things come apart around your eardrums.

Sepulchral Curse have clearly studied their Slayer, and are obviously in love with Asphyx, these are just the things that color their sound and add an almost lighthearted throwback element to the music. At The Onset Of Extinction sees the band grinding away, cracking skulls and taking no prisoners but instead drowning in the blood of their victims. This is blackened death metal for the modern age, looking back at past triumphs but showing us that, despite what many of us may think, the best is yet to come.

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