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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Crippled Black Phoenix - Bronze

Crippled Black Phoenix are the sort of atmospheric trancey rock music that gets it. They are spaced out and weird - using a variety of different sounds and unique soundscapes such that their new record is an adventure, every song is wonderfully different but fits into a sort of transcendent polemic. It shows us a band who navigate the musical landscapes presented to them in what is decidedly their own way. They don't feel limited by common ideas but instead dance from notion to notion taking over the world one weird chord at a time.

Bronze succeeds in stunning, time and time again because of the sheer talent of the musician.s They seem capale of doing just about anything and it's easy to fall into any one track. The songs flow seamlessly into each other and constantly show new and exciting sides to what the band has to offer. Crippled Black Phoenix pulses and roars, and yet they never try to overwhelm you. Instead they invite you in and drown you in sound, leaving you to be choked out by the bands beautiful soundscapes. If this isn't what rock music was eventually destined to evolve into then I don't know what is.

So yeah - there are a lot of ties between the work of Crippled Black Phoenix and classical music, just as the band ties into metal and post music ideas. It gives you something to relax in and fully enjoy - a break from normal realities and a blissful step in a new, bolder, direction. Bronze is in many ways the next step for rock music as a whole and suggests exciting new soundworlds to come. Crippled Black Phoenix understand the fundamental power of rock and roll and are the heirs of something far greater than we could possibly imagine.

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