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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Drescher - Erntezeit

Man - folk metal sure takes some weird turns here and there. Drescher is the latest example of this - a band who understand 90s alt metal but infuse it with a healthy amount of German folk they end up with a sound that is... surprisingly enjoyable. Rather than mulling over trope they take traditional ideas from various parts of the musical world and fuse them together into something that is truly enjoyable, lighthearted and strangely passionate. Erntezeit is a metal record that hints the band could do much more.

There is something strangely underwhelming about Erntezeit. That doesn't mean I don't genuinely enjoy it, I just feel like the basic concept could go further - they have a fucking accordion for crying out loud! That being said, there are parts of this album that blow me away and I'm legitimately in love with. Many of their choruses hit the spot, and the overall development of a song like Der Gscheitling is rad. Furthermore, the four covers at the end including a highly unexpected but very welcome version of Falco's Amadeus couldn't help but to put a smile on my face. Drescher understand what makes them fun.

I just wish they would develop on the lighthearted elements of it. When Drescher try to be erious it feels weird, but when they embrace the inherent dorkiness of the accordion and show that they know how to have a good time Erntezeit is an absolute stunner. I'm curious to see this band evolve becuase there is a lot to love. They certainly have the compositional chops and I could easily see them evolving into a far greater entity. There are a lot of solid ideas here, now it's just a question of having Drecher develop on them.

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