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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Insanity Alert - Moshburger

Insanity Alert are one of the most fun thrash metal bands in the world right now. In a world where Iron Reagan sing a ton of political tracks and Municipal Waste seem to be in stasis we need a new pizza thrash band to carry the flag - that band is Insanity Alert. A band who make fun of longboards, disco and David Guetta among countles other things it's impossible not to love what they've done on their latest offering Moshburger. Sure their debut LP Insanity Alert ruled, but it feels like they've come to a whole new level of thrash metal mastery.

I think half of the appeal of Insanity Alert is how rapid and in your face the songs are, they are almost a little grindy. As you dig through you realize that part of why Insanity Alert doesn't have songs over three minutes long is that they literally can't do it. It would go against the ethos of the band and their entire songwriting style. Hell - Moshburger is so up front and to the point that you're lucky if you get a breakdown. It feels like Insanity Alert are ballsier, angrier and more in yuor face than ever before, and considering that these were always the main tenets of the band you can't help but to fall in love all over again.

In many ways this is the same old Insanity Alert, scooped guitar tone, songs about moshing and a great sense of humor, it just feels like they've taken their sound and brought it to the next logical step. While the debut sounded like outtakes from the excellent first two EP's (And featured a bunch of material from those records) this record sees Insanity Alert living up to their potential, and seeing all the cool shit that they've been able to do in the past few years I'm starting to realize they could take over the world.

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