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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Ravencult - Force Of Profanation

I have a deepset passion for thrashy black metal (Thrashened Black Metal? Blackened Thrash Metal? Whatever) It's a genre that I feel has not been sufficiently explored and one that seems to yield consistently great results. Ravencult's Force Of Profanation adds to that pantheon with an album that comes forward harsh and unrelenting. They are ballsy and fun, adding a touch of rock and roll to their black metal blasphemies. This is a band who understand the blazing power of thrash metal and infuse it with triumphant satanism, making for some very fun listening. 

There is something about Ravencult that just feels... right. They are the sort of band who distill the magic of metal into something far greater. Their trademark stomp and the frankly threatening majesty of songs like Merciless Reprisal is delicious and hints at greater things to come. Force Of Profanation is the sort of record that reminds us why we got into this in the first place. Ravencult don't give a fuck what you think of them and will gleefully go for the throat - crafting an end result that is shockingly catchy and a joy to dive into. This is an album that refuses to compromise, but ends up being far more fun than almost all of its peers.

With Force Of Profanation Ravencult prove they can do it all. While most of the record certainly sits in a distinct vein of thrashy black metal the band goes willfully to either side of the spectrum and proves that they can rock it. There are moments that hint at more meditative black metal and others where the band shows that they can bring the thrash on the same level as Death Angel or Slayer. The balance they strike is... well... striking and it makes for an addictive listen you will be sure to spin time and time again. 

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