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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Lago/Calm Hatchery Split

There's something really exciting about splits from bands you don't know. It's like in less than ten minutes you get to be exposed to two sick new bands and see if there shit is for you. It feels like heavy metal speed dating, but rather than feeling redundant or dull like mix CD's do it is a special experience, the songs compliment each other and show us what the very future of death metal could be if we are willing to get out there and embrace it for all that it is worth, inch by screaming fucking inch.

Lago kick off the split with some furious brutal death metal. These Battleground Records signees understand the simple beauty of death metal. They lure you in with a melodic intro and then beat you over the head with sick riff after sick riff. These guys understand how to construct a solid fucking death metal song and it makes for an addictive listen. For me it is Calm Hatchery who really steal the show here. From the first thrashy riff on Distant Pulsation it is immediately apparent that this band takes no prisoners, gives no shits and will rip your FUCKING throat out. Calm Hatchery is Polish death metal at its finest and will make you suffer under a storm of audio abuse of the sort many never thought possible.

There is a crushing balls out assault that defines this record. It's the sort of split that shows two extremely angry bands tearing off skulls as they rip it up doing what they do best. The sheer malice communicated by a band like Calm Hatchery is frankly a little concerning and sows us that death metal is still a valid and sonically exciting art form, even years after many of its detractors think it has died. This is what heavy music is supposed to be about and these bands will drink your fucking blood playing it.

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Calm Hatchery:

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  1. "and see if there shit is for you" *their

    Cool review nonetheless. I know what to expect from Calm Hatchery and excited to hear what Lago has to offer. Ordered via Selfmadegod.