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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Sithter - Chaotic Fiend

Sithter is, in a phrase, a sort of Japanese take on Eyehategod, which means that Sithter is, in another phrase, fucking awesome. This is the sort of band who understand the sludgy magic of there forefathers and the obsession with horror and layer all of these things together, with samples, crushing guitar tones and fucked up chord structures in order to showcase a sonic landscape that is exciting, dynamic, and neverending. It means that Chaotic Fiend is an album that you simply can't stop listening to, for spin after spin.

There is a sense of disgust, malfeasance and utter decay represented in the music of Chaotic Fiend. It gives us a gateway into a band who understand the bitter pill of 21st century life. As we are repeatedly forced to choke down devilish riffs and get lost in gargantuan stomps, Sithter swaggers forward, showing us a band who are here to fuck shit up and choke you out. The fucked up screams and tortured growls that define Chaotic Fiend are strangely exciting and will leave you in awe, burrowing through layers of audio decay to find a hint of a braver, far greater future than any of us might have otherwise imagined.

Despite the sheer fucking nihilism (And beautiful nihilism at that) of Sithter's music it's hard not to see the future of a genre in their moans, groans and blasts of punk rock fury. Out of the darkness comes a group who are here to tear your throat out. Sure this band is fucked up, and sure it will alienate a bunch of people, but for those of us who have fallen in love and get off on this sort of thing there is no better glimpse into the future than what this band has put together and shown us is possible time and time again.

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