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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Pissed On - The Hanged Man

Man, really fucking angry grindcore EP's are like half of my reason for existing these days. It's hard not to love the balls out crush of some of these records, and Pissed On's The Hanged Man is no exception. A band who blaze ahead but know how to slow the fuck down and devastate you with the ominous doom behind their music Pissed On are surprisingly good songwriters for their relatively primitive image. Of course given the hard touring and extreme dedication this band has already demonstrated, are you really surprised?

When the band slows down for good on the final track, The Hanged Man, it becomes immediately obvious that Pissed On are touching on something far more fucked up than just your average grindcore record. While yes, they certainly cover that side of things they also seem very aware that they could be a wonderfully evil doom metal band. The Hanged Man fearlessly brushes on several sides of the extreme punk polemic making it an album that you want to dedicate time too. It's a piece of art that demands to be picked apart if you want to properly figure out what it means for you and your own place as a fan.

There is something almost otherworldly about the fucked up shrieks and blazing rhythms presented in these songs. The magic of The Hanged Man comes in how it is almost deliberately demented, begging you to come and bathe in its bacchanalian bloodbath and slake your thirst on the rocks of a forgotten world. Pissed On is grindcore for the modern age, full of the anxious energy that defined the genre in the first place but also aware of the deep internal bitterness that seems destined to plague their generation.

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