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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Aborym - Shifting.negative

Aborym are one of those weird and beautiful downtempo industrial bands who borrow from a variety of genres to create a wonderfully weird sound that leaves you resonating with strange and otherworldly frequencies. Their latest offering Shifting.negative is reflective of all the wondrous darkness that they have been able to conjure up in the last few years. This is an album that explores unique soundscapes and has a sense of lingering evil that will haunt you for all ten tracks that make up this release.

The brooding synths and sinister vocals seem to be the two defining aspects of this record. When the music swells up or dips into a weird almost monochromatic melody it becomes easier to find the inherent madness of the music. The frequent use of unsavory intervals helps to further conjure up this tension and reminds us that Aborym are masters of their craft. When the bring in touches of black metal, among other things, to add flavor to the music it only makes me fall deeper in love, a slave to a record that seems to come from another planet at times. While Aborym certainly wear some of their influences on their collective sleeve it's also readily apparent that these guys are pushing the envelope in exciting new ways.

The IDM movement is one of the most important going on right now. Shifting.negative is a perfect example of what it can represent at its finest, purely transcendent music that rings out across the generations and shows us that even highly electronic sounds don't need to feel distinctly 2016. Instead Aborym reach across the generations and encourage you to embrace a music that fuses all sorts of concepts and exciting styles, reminding us time and time again that Aborym are industrial heroes for us all.

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