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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Sister - Stand Up, Forward, March!

Sisters are the kind of rock and roll band who understand the magic of the modern scene but also the beauty of bands like Motley Crue. Their music is appropriately halfway between the two. There are moments that would fit on a 80s glam record, but Stand Up, Forward, March! belies an intensity that many of the bands peers would find borderline intimidating. These guys are clearly incredibly talented and there is a fiery passion behind these songs that make them anthems of a generation whose system failed them.

It's easy to dive into what the band has to offer on Stand Up, Forward, March! This is an album that encourages you to bite from the forbidden fruit and take a darker step in the world of rock and roll. They have twisted, magical lyrics, songs that hint at a more evil world and one that so many of us willfully ignore. Sister exist in a triumphant state of rebellion. The snarl that dominates the record periodically shifting into something more melodic, but also unafraid to go into a harsher growl. It adds a surprising dynamic layer, one that harsher vocals tend to lack. These guys are masters of their craft and fucking know it.

With big choruses, ripping solos and a sense of... dare I say wonder? Stand Up, Forward, March! captures everything that we love about rock music and hints at a bold future. It remains vibrant, virile and ready to blow at any given moment. These guys have an incredible understanding of melodic content and their songwriting chops fucking slay. It's impossible not to have a good time while jamming Stand Up, Forward, March! so come join me and enter the pit. There's still hope for rock and roll even in Trumps America.

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