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Friday, November 11, 2016

Brutal Unrest - Trinitas

Ahh death metal. Hammerheart Records is one of those labels who seem to understand the fundamental power of the genre and blast forward with the sort of crazed maniacal magic that makes the music so powerful. Trinitas is an album that invokes the eternal 15 year old, something deep inside of you that is in love with riffs that are wonderfully brutal and remind us about why we can be so deeply enamored with the power of the music. Brutal Unrest understands the crushing magic of the genre and shows us that old school death metal still rules.

There's something sort of fundamentally magical when a death metal album resonates with you on a spiritual level. It's not necessarily because the music is that good, but simply because it invokes that old school magic. The bass hits you and the vocals resonate. There is something wonderfully fucked up about what Brutal Unrest have done here. They have tapped into the twisted almost unreal magic of a genre so many spurned. Sure Trinitas doesn't see the band opening up new sonic vistas or especially growing their own sound, but it speaks to the same sort of grooves that entranced us as kids.

Death metal isn't always about innovation. Sometimes it's just about developing on classic ideas, showing the twisted world of heavy music is one in which we should constantly be invested because there is so much to do - even in parts of the music traditionally viewed as 'dead'. Brutal Unrest know how to write solid, angular riffs and invoke some crushing bass lines. There is something almost entrancing with what they have done on this record. It invites you to come in, fall in love and stay addicted.

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