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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Stench Price - S/T

Stench Price is the sort of grindcore project that makes the genre great. Featuring everyone from Danny Lilker to Max Phelps and a few other stars of the grindcore genre in between this self titled EP is a stunner, fusing lounge music with crippling grind and a sound that will choke you out, inch by bleeding inch. The variety of vocal performers here and unique ideas showcased throughout Stench Price is simply stunning, showcasing artists who have made the genre great over four decades, what more could you want?

There is a sort of deepset anger and fucked up majesty to the chilled out lounge vibes of songs like The Vitality (Featuring Shawn Knight of Child Bite) in relation to the blazing grindcore majesty that defines the record. This is an album that rages, it burns with a sort of inhuman magic, and yet is defined by that selfsame humanity. As much as Stench Price might seem like it would be gimmicky it is in fact a rather empowering record, an album that shows us a world of hope, not a dark fucked up future but a way forward for grind. You get to embrace the sounds of some manic musicians doing what they do best, what more could you want?

From the hectic delivery of someone like Rogga Johansson of Paganizer to the atonal singing of Shawn Knight it's clear that the man behind this project, Peter Shallmin is a motherfucking genius. He has pioneered a whole new type of grind based on his own personal idiosyncrasies and moreover terrifying contrasts. There is a sort of crazed torment behind Stench Price that only the grind freak can ever hope to pick apart, it's dense as fuck but makes sense from the first listen, so come along and dig in!

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