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Monday, November 21, 2016

Oni - Ironshore

Now this is something a little different in tech death. While the band kicks off their latest offering Ironshore with stunning technical riffs and brutal growls they immediately turn around and show that Ironshore has a hell of a lot more to offer with potent vocals. Oni stand at a sort of crossroads between prog a la Dream Theater and fucked up evil technical death metal. It makes Oni a far easier band listen too than what many of their contemporaries are doing but also shows us that Ironshore could be the future of tech death.

I think the important thing to realize is that unlike many of their peers in tech death bands who try to include cleans they are not going the pop route, nor are they going the Cynic etc route. Instead they seem genuinely enamored with modern prog and unafraid to occasionally add a dash of the 80s stuff for good measure. The layering of cleans and growls on top of that, as seen in tracks like Eternal Recurrence and found throughout the album builds on the idea that Oni is the future of tech death and prog metal. These guys aren't necessarily breaking new ground but they are doing this type of music better than almost all of their peers.

There is a very real and sort of subdued magic to Ironshore. This is an album that repeatedly hints at darker futures and weird soundscapes. It shows us time and time again that there are weird new grounds to break in prog and suggests that Oni are going to be around for a good long while. Unafraid of fusing Lamb Of God with Infant Annihilator and Dream Theater with Obscura Oni have proven that they are pushing exciting new boundaries and their future can't help but to be bright. Dig in to it you guys, things will only grow from here.

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