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Friday, December 16, 2016

Black Anvil - As Was

Shit yo, I think we might have already found the black metal album of 2016. Think about that shit. Black Anvil have just released something so goddamn authoritative and punishingly heavy that literally nothing else compares. As Was is an album that grinds forward unmercifully, reminding us of the sheer nihilism of our existence and proving time and time again that there is tons of room to be explored in black metal. Flawlessly blending in touches of clean vocals and epic touches As Was is the perfect mix of the old school and modern madness.

There is a driving and strangely reassuring pulse behind As Was. It's an album that twists the knife time and time again but is not afraid to step back and show us the more beautiful side of the genre. In the end you are left simply astounded at the massive sound that the group has been able to cultivate here. It feels like nothing is impossible on As Was and the band makes their modus operandi, ferocious riffs and vocals balanced with almost Tolkien-esque moments, clear from the first. As Was is addictive and nihilistic, a perfect representation of all facets of the genre as they stand in the twilight of 2016.

It's been a bitter year, one where we have been forced to come to terms with the sheer futility of our own reality and Black Anvil allow us to revel in that. They stomp forward and drink from the blood, creating something that has swagger but is clearly trying to hint at something greater. Black Anvil are no longer trying to 'find a sound' or understand 'who they are as a band' no, they are showing us what the genre can be and reminding us that no matter what black metal is going to reign supreme all across the globe.

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