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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Todesstoss - Ebne Graun

Regular readers are familiar with my ongoing love affair with I, Voidhanger Records. Their latest offering comes from Todesstoss an avant garde metal band who operate on the fringes of reality to say the leas. There is something strangely twisted about their new record, the almighty and wonderfully fucked up gem that is Ebne Graun. Coming in at 46 minutes long this is a single song masterpiece that winds its way into your heart an crushes the listener with earier vocals, devastating growls and a sort of through composed magic that will leave you coming back trying to unpack all that it represents.

Todesstoss are a bizarre listen to say the least. Their sound takes no end of weird twists and turns, creating cringy moments and invoking destructive chord structures but also remaining distinctly otherworldly. Ebne Graun maintains a certain sense of the unreal, the melodic lines barely conform to western harmony and the song itself is a sort of spacey exploration of all that heavy metal can be. While a sense of forward motion is maintained throughout don't doubt for a second that Todesstoss are unafraid to meander. Ebne Graun is in many ways a highly romantic twisting and turning sonic adventure that will make you want to only dig deeper into the strange worlds that the band seems to so easily conjure up.

There is something inside all of us I think that wants to embrace the utterly bizarre. There is something that teeters forward and then falls back, that crunches and then winces. It's the sort of inner pain that we all have to come to terms with, a sense of being the 'other' that Todesstoss embrace. This isn't music for normal people or people who might have even once had normal tastes. Rather Ebne Graun is a record that forces you to sit down and dream, to figure out your own twisted reality and dissect a sound none of us can truly understand.

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