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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Circle Of Dust - Machines Of Our Disgrace

Circle of Dust have long been one of the most important influential industrial metal bands out there. Their unique take on progressive and transcendent elements that this music can have has always been extremely exiting, and their latest offering, the almighty Machines Of Our Disgrace reflects upon everything that this band has come to represent over the years. With potent loops coming back throughout and some of the bands most exciting arrangements to date this album marks their most powerful statement.

There is something strangely surreal and in many ways almost transcendent about Machines Of Our Disgrace. The frequent use of looping and the strangely circular riffs makes you feel like you continue returning to the most powerful parts of the music. While the individual songs on Machines Of Our Disgrace are very well done as a complete statement the record represents so much more. It shows us a strange and transcendent world, one where we can all fall in love and find a new future in a type of music that many might spurn. There is something monolithic about what the band has done here though and it will keep you entranced.

An album that doesn't get antsy about getting political and which drives forward regardless of what you might think of it Machines Of Our Disgrace is evidence that Circle Of Dust have reached a point not only where they don't give a fuck but where they can make their own executive decisions and force us to embrace them - they are simply that good. So if you are an industrial metal freak you will find yourself loving the angular riffing and overwhelming soundscapes that this band find so goddamn easy to remind us of. Dig it.

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  1. Dig the review! Though why is CoD referred to as a band? The project and new album is done by one person.