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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Coagula, Sentient Horror, Kosmodemonic and Horrendous at Saint Vitus Bar

It had been a minute since I'd been to saint Vitus - such is the nature of life on the road. Yet when you come home you come home if you know what I mean. It's the shit like last night, where I bumped into a guy who I hadn't seen in a few years playing in Horrendous now and older bands who you've fallen in love with get to play to packed houses. It's the magic of Saint Vitus that these things can constantly exist and perpetually remind us of the burning and in many ways eternal power of this music.

Up first were Coagula having come all the way from Boston to show us their unique brand of Entombed worshiping death metal. Coagula sound absolutely monstrous and they understand the suffocating power that this music can, and should have. Performing as a three piece instead of their usual four, they were able to put on a show that made a definitive mark on the Saint Vitus crowd. We get a lot of death metal in these parts, but it's rare we find a band like Coagula with vocals this devastating and a live presence that chokes you out.

Sentient Horror are some of my local favorites, I've seen them a handful of times now and they always impress. There's just so much about this band that I find so fascinating, from the baby faced bassist to the fact that one guitarist has an eight stringed ax and the other has seven (The bassist meanwhile only rocks four!) What matters though is that they rip on guitar and have powerful riffs complimented by a slew of flashy solos. Sentient Horror understand the magic of death metal but they aren't afraid to toss in a few moments of Dokken here and there to add to the fun and demonstrate the bands true potential.

I've always loved Kosmodemonic for their powerful grooves and overwhelming atmospheres. This is a band who resonate out across the ages and use the heaviness of their music almost as an instrument in and of itself. They are sort of New York City's very own Neurosis. They have a strange and transcendent power behind their music, they unleash slow jams tinged with sludge and black metal creating something that feels very natural and at times almost orgasmic. Kosmodemonic are veterans of the scene and their gentle tearing apart of the human condition, chord by bloody chord makes for a show for the ages.

And then of course there was the almighty Horrendous. This time they were performing as a four piece, when I last saw them they were only at three. Their performances are always exciting, fully realized and very aware of their own blazing potential. Horrendous are one of the greatest death metal bands in the world, they scream out with a sort of wicked energy, bassist Alex Kulick screaming along even though he doesn't have a mic. It's this understanding and sense of fun that makes Horrendous more than just another insufferable pretentious death metal band. Instead they stand tall and proud, ready to become heroes for a whole generation of basement dwelling metal dudes.

So the night came to an end. I found myself at a terrific Mexican spot with the promoter shooting the shit about times forgot and deeply in love with the power of Horrendous. We had seen it all, had friends show up from across the Eastern seaboard and relaxed into the twisted and beautiful majesty of this music. This lineup reflected the burning magic of the East coasts death metal scene, capped off by the power of the locals, Sentient Horror (Who celebrated their CD release) and the almighty Kosmodemonic. Nights like this are what heavy music was made for.

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