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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dealer - Billionaire Boys Club

Dealer are the sort of fuzzed out rock and roll band who speak volumes to the power of the scene right now. There crazed chords, balls out progression and willingness to just sit back and jam is stunning. The pounding grooves of their new record Billionaire Boys Club reflects the punk rock magic that has always defined this band and gives us something to really sink our teeth into. Yeah it's stripped back and sounds like a group blowing up in a garage, but it's a really fucking good group blowing up in a garage.

From the first you know what you are going to get with Dealer, the first song on the record, AM Gold pretty definitively showcases what this band is all about. It lends a certain monochrome intensity to Billionaire Boys Club that is at once the bands greatest strength, inasmuch as it lets us really sink our teeth into the sheer riffage, but also a weakness because it feels like Dealer could do so much more. That being said, with their relatively limited palate they manage to pull off some truly cool feats of sound with epic solos and blazing drums bashing you all the way back to the 70s, but with production and influences that feel very 2016.

Billionaire Boys Club is, if nothing else, an incredibly tasty record. The punching assault of these songs is addictive and the bands ability to crash into your skull and showcase all sorts of weird and exciting frills is fascinating. Dealer have a sort of trademark throb that makes it hard not to keep from falling in love, they have a pulse that is titanic and bass driven creating a bottom driven sound that every heavy metal maniac will love but which can also find a place in the hearts of punks and old school rock and rollers.

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