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Monday, December 5, 2016

Lo-Pan - In Tensions

I'll be honest - I forgot how much I dig Lo-Pan. Their unique brand of driving stoner rock with big wide open vocals and beautiful flanger effects adding layers upon layers to the sound is stunning and suggests a group who transcend many of their peers with their crushing sense of forward motion. In Tensions is perhaps the bands finest work to date, though it weighs in at a mere five tracks it takes the bands unique brand of Clutch and 70s rock inspired grooves and adds a healthy dose of bands like Red Fang and Torche.

Yet In Tensions is so much more than that. It shows us a band who, in the three years since their last full length have grown in potent and exciting new ways. They have showed us a new glimpse into the drive that makes this band so goddamn exciting. The soaring vocals on songs like Alexis are the perfect contrast to that rolling bottom end. These Columbus, Ohio rock and rollers were among the progenitors of this brand of rock and roll and the groups unique, almost swaggering take on the genre now almost feels like a victory lap. Lo-Pans potent riffs and booming songwriting are among the best of the best, and they goddamn know it.

It's easy to get lost in this album simply because In Tensions demonstrates the sort of pulse that made records in the 70s so addictive. It's a sort of constant throb that winds its way through every song on the album and makes it feel even shorter than its five tracks would suggest. This is a good thing though - In Tensions rapidly becomes highly addictive, an album you wrap up and then can't help but want to jam again. Lo-Pan seem set to take on the world in 2017 and In Tensions is just the vehicle to do it.

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