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Monday, December 19, 2016

Scott Kelly, Colin H Van Eeckhout, Mathieu Vandekerckhove - Absent In Body

The main dude from one of my favorite bands of all time with two of the main dudes from one of my favorite bands of the last two or three years? Fuck yes! This offering, Absent In Body is a veritable testament to the great work that all of these artists have created over the years and hints at the sort of future most of their peers can only dream of. Avant garde soundscapes clash with progressive and sludge metal tendencies to make for a record that leaves us reflecting upon the internal darkness of the almighty riff.

So who are the players? Scott Kelly of Neurosis alongside Colin H Van Eeckhout and Mathieu Vandekerckhove of Amenra a veritable match made in heaven. Given the inherent majesty of the respective musicians bodies of work it makes sense that Absent In Body is a twenty minute long trip of a song. It's a track that ebbs and flows and pushes for greater futures and then recedes into darker, almost completely nihilistic oblivion. The crunching guitars of Scott Kelly remind us that Absent In Body is more than just another collab, but rather a sort of transcendent beacon onto a higher plane of rock and roll futility.

This release certainly isn't for everybody, one would probably even consider it dense by the standards of both Amenra and Neurosis, but it certainly is beautiful. It's a record that wallows in a bottom end that you can't help but to burrow ever deeper in. There is an incredible breadth to the sound on Absent In Body and it trudges forward with a sort of antediluvian might and a bone chilling majesty. This is an album that requires you to sit down, let go and once again find the peace that this genre has always provided.

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