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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Ruins Of Beverast - Takitum Tootem!

There is something strangely transcendent about the recorded material of The Ruins Of Beverast. This is a band who have always made a name for themselves off of weird and otherworldly black metal that seems to have more than a few beautifully atavistic tendencies. Their latest offering Takitum Tootem! is the sort of sonic exploration that leaves us dancing with the dead in our dreams and reflecting upon the eternal power of a genre that reminds us day by day of our own nihilistic sufferings.

The reassuring droning magic of the EP's self titled opener is stunning, Meant to be an interpretation on a traditional wardance the antediluvian magic and the ethereal forward motion of this track is genuinely concerning. It hints at a sort of evil that many of us might not otherwise face in our day to day and reminds us of the utter darkness of our forgotten age. It serves as a fitting companion to the albums B side, Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun, a forward thinking piece that crunches forward with potent atmospheres and epic swooping melodic lines that hint at exciting new directions in this bands work.

Takitum Tootem! shows us one of black metals premiere and most fascinating bands at the top of their game. The Ruins Of Beverast don't play black metal by the rules and Takitum Tootem! is an enhancement upon previous ideologies and a reminder that this genre still has a lot of exciting shit to be done. The Ruins Of Beverast have constantly expanded their sound over the last few years and they seem to have the sort of understanding of black metal that will keep things driving forward for decades to come.

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  1. Set the Controls is a Pink Floyd tune.

  2. Set the Controls is a Pink Floyd tune.