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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tygers Of Pan Tang - S/T

Tygers Of Pan Tang is the sort of metal band who had a deeply influential place in the scene but who seem to have never gotten the attention they deserved. As is though it seems like their return has seen a measure of success previously unheard of from the band and this latest self titled offering is a record that burns with a rock and roll passion that has raged for five decades. Tygers Of Pan Tang is the record we've all been waiting for and it's truly exciting, an album that can't help but to excite - a testament to their years of hard work.

It's the passion showcased in a song like I Got The Music In Me that reminds us why this music is exciting and dominant. It's the passion that burns through in the blazing solos and high energy choruses. Yeah Tygers Of Pan Tang aren't exactly breaking new ground here nor are they going to far beyond their traditional polemic, but that doesn't matter. The beauty of Tygers Of Pan Tang is that while it definitely does see the next step of the bands career it serves as a potent reminder that rock and roll will never die, but instead continue to rise harder and stronger. It will keep us gnashing our teeth and raising our fists.

Highly polished and refined to the point that it's almost impossible to turn away Tygers Of Pan Tang is punchy, tight and ready to claim your heart. This is not a band who are going to be forgotten in the annals of rock and roll, rather they are going to maintain an important place as some of the dudes who helped make this whole thing viable in the first place. It's hard not to fall in love with a band who storm forward with this selfsame passion and who even after years living in the shadow of their peers fight on - this is what metal is all about.

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