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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Cliterati - S/T

Cliterati is the sort of angry progressive punk band we need in 2016. A band who don't give a shit about your regressive values and are determined to fuck Donald Trump up they come bowling at you full of piss and vinegar. There is a blazing madness behind this record that makes it strangely addictive, and its pint size coming in at only five songs means that Cliterati are a band you're going to want to come back to again and again, reveling in the demented realities they paint and the painful world that punk rock forces us to confront.

There is something delicious about a band who drive after the bloodthirsty magic of groups like Bikini Kill. Cliterati are pushing progressive values all day every day and going for the throat. Their brand of punk rock is catchy and to the point - adding touches of hardcore where it's needed but largely focusing on the burning magic of driving riffs and a sneering balls out attitude. In many ways Cliterati's music is almost danceable. The pounding assault of a song like Virtue reminds us that even in 2016 many of us are far more lost than we would care to admit and forced to find a place in a world that chokes us all.

It's easy to see why so many have fallen so deeply in love with what Cliterati have done. They represent minorities in every demographic and are fighting for a world of love. In Donald Trumps America it is legitimately scary to be a part of the groups Cliterati fight for, which is what makes their groovy riffs, twisted growls and driving dedication to destruction of evil corporate morals all the more vibrant. Cliterati are tearing the status quo apart and if you can't get down with some old school throat punching punk then get the fuck out.

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