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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Vermilion Whiskey - Spirit Of Tradition

The beauty of stoner rock is that even though the genre is by definition fairly simple and stripped back and should be played out by now people still seem to keep finding ways to keep it exciting and fun. Such is the case with Vermilion Whiskey and their latest offering Spirit Of Tradition. This is shit kicking rock and roll at its finest, and while the band certainly isn't breaking any rules or pushing new and exciting boundaries by god are they fun to listen too. These guys wail away for the six tracks that make up Spirit Of Tradition and leave you with your fist in the air and a smile on your face.

I think what gets me about Vermilion Whiskey is their willingness to go from straight up rock and roll to some surprisingly doomy moments, and they run all of through a blues sensibility that is nothing short of delicious. The booming crunch of songs like The Past Is Dead speaks to a rolling guitar playing style that can't help but to charm time and time again. There is the same sort of youthful energy and arrogance here that made so many of the worlds greatest rock and roll bands so goddamn virile to begin with. Spirit Of Tradition gives you something to sink your teeth into and enjoy time and time again.

It's rare these days to find a rock and roll band with a guitarist who knows how to fucking solo and the sort of meaty riffs that get your entire body moving to the sacred rhythms. With huge vocals that reflect the inherent majesty of Vermilion Whiskey and a guitar tone that is to die for the band is able to use all of the traditional tropes of the genre to create a record that's a fun listen. Sure it might not blow your mind or anything but that's not the point. Rather embrace the spirit of tradition with Spirit Of Tradition. 

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