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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Brutal Unrest - Trinitas

Brutal Unrest, now there's a band name to be reckoned with. Their latest offering Trinitas stands proudly in the bands fourteen year tradition of unrelenting metal madness and uses crunching chugs, punishing rhythms and a bass drum that reeks of the dungeon to tear throats out one step at a time. Brutal Unrest leave you choking on your own filth, a slave to the twisted substance that has come to define all of our tastes. The twisted and tortured vocals combined with bleak soundscapes makes this record delicious.

There is something strangely nostalgic about Brutal Unrest, Trinitas speaks to a type of death metal that felt like it peaked a few years ago, but as is Brutal Unrest have honed their craft and come off boldly. The devastating assault of this album may oftentimes be retreading familiar ground,but when the band is as good as Brutal Unrest you have to ask - does it really matter? I mean yeah Brutal Unrest run into some of the common limitations of the genre but that doesn't prevent the album from being a fun listen. It gives you something truly meaty that you can sink your teeth into and even come back to a few times.

Maybe I don't fully get this record because I'm not European enough or maybe my tastes have just evolved beyond what Brutal Unrest have to offer but I still enjoy what Trinitas has up to offer. The punishing attack on songs like Sacrophagus Aftermath is reminiscent of the gods, even if the bass drum tone is a bit off. Trinitas is definitely worth a handful of listens and I'm curious to hear the band evolve. They've been among the best in the business for decades now and they've kept going for a reason.

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