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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Death Alley - Live At Roadburn

Roadburn is a psych and doom freaks metal festival. It's a festival that has spawned seemingly infinite live albums and which reminds us time and time again that there is a future in themusic we love. This is part of why I've so deeply fallen in love with this latest offering to spring from the festival, Live At Roadburn a record from Amsterdam's Death Alley. This is one of those bands that has always most shined in the live context and getting to listen to them jam for three quarters of an hour is a lot of fun.

For most bands it would be hard to really maintain my attention for an extended jam like a track like the twenty two minute rendition of Supernatural Predator but here it feels like par for the course for Death Alley. This is a band after all who've been going at it since they were teenagers and when they want to dip out and create something weird and fuzzy then they are going to invest in it fully and without any reservations. They have distinct grooves and weird jams, a fitting reminder of the inherent beauty that Live At Roadburn delivers. You get to see Death Alley shaking, rattling and rolling with all of their stripped down beauty.

The easy going jam oriented magic of Live At Roadburn is strangely addictive. The way that the band eases into it, guiding us into the light and then showing us the darkest pits is weirdly satisfying. In a universe where far too often it feels like everything will fall apart Live At Roadburn stands out as an album that you can get lost in and revel in the murk, or the light, you choose.There is so much to digest here though and it's fun to get to really sink your teeth into what was really a once in a lifetime experience.

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