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Monday, January 23, 2017

Power Trip - Nightmare Logic

It's been four long years since the last Power Trip full length. Four years of constant touring from the thrash metal stalwarts and four years of rocking the free world left right and center. This is a band who we knew would be special from the get go and have been too in demand to even bother with a new record. So the fact that Nightmare Logic is this goddamn good only tells me that Power Trip are on track to become the thrash metal titans they were always so clearly meant to be. This is thrash metal for the modern age.

I think what's always appealed to me about Power Trip is their ability to seamlessly integrate elements of hardcore, old school thrash and death metal with a distinctly new school sound. While you certainly hear elements of Possessed in here it also makes sense that they did a split with Integrity. By the same token one sense elements of Slayer alongside the frills of a group like Black Fast or Vektor. The bloodthirsty magic of the lyrics builds on the manic energy and devastation of the bands earlier releases but the compositions are a step beyond, a fitting reminder that Power Trip may very well be thrash metals chosen saviors.

It's hard not to start pumping your fist and screaming along to tracks like Executioner's Tax, Power Trip have distilled the inherent power of thrash metal into eight songs that will leave you screaming for vengeance. These are mosh pit anthems that remind us why we fell in love with the genre, but sufficiently refined that there is a distinct appeal beyond the sheer Cro Magnon magic of the music. Power Trip are the rare band who fundamentally understand their genre and prove time and time again that Nightmare Logic was well worth the wait.

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