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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Iron Reagan - Crossover Ministry

Iron Reagan are one of the greatest things to happen to thrash metal and hardcore in the last decade or so and the balls out assault of their latest offering, the almighty Crossover Ministry is a powerful testament to all that they have been able to create in the last few years. An album that captures all of the pent up energy, brutality and raw stupidity of the band Crossover Ministry darts out of the gate, smokes your weed, smashes in your face and reminds you why this band is among the greatest going right now.

This is a band who started out with a clear mission statement and have evolved on it with every passing record. Though the bands core concepts of punchy riffs, shouted vocals and general crossover thrash madness are still intact the band that released Crossover Ministry is far more evolved than the one who put out Their first full length Worse Than Dead a mere four years ago. I mean it makes sense - the guys tour all the time and have a total of eight releases counting this one, if they weren't tossing in crazy solos and showing far more evolved songwriting with even more pungent humor I'd probably be surprised.

That is not to say that Iron Reagan have become lost up their own asses. Rather - they remain as virile and exciting as ever. Crossover Ministry is vicious and tasty, a testament to years of listening to some of the greatest heavy music to ever come up and the product of countless evolutions on classic themes. Iron Reagan is a band who might be here to save us all, and even if they aren't,they have a great sense of humor and will guarantee that you get the shit kicked out of you in the pit, so you might as well dig it!

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